Yoga Resources for Children & Adults

Here is a brief list of Yoga Resources for both children & adults. There are MANY amazing people and programs out there teaching yoga and providing services to families… so this list will always be a work in progress. And please, if you have any resources worth checking out, comment and let me know. I’d love reader input!

Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story by Sydney Solis RYT

Imaginations: Fun Relaxation Stories and Meditations for Kids by Carolyn Clarke

Starbright- Meditation for Children by Maureen Garth

Ready… Set… R.E.L.A.X.: A Research based Program of Relaxation, Learning and Self Esteem for Children by Jeffrey Allen and Roger Klein

101 Relaxation Games for Children: Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing by Helen Purperhart

Itsy Bitsy Yoga: Poses to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer, Digest Better, and Grow Stronger by Helen Garabedian

Yoga Pretzels (card deck) by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish

The Kids’ Yoga Deck by Annie Buckley

Power Thoughts for Teens Cards (available on

3-D Yogis and Yoginis (box of poses/figurines)

YogaKids Series (for 2-6 years): Silly to Calm, Yoga ABC’s, etc – YogaKids (available on

Yoga The Iyengar Way by Silva, Mira & Shyam Mehta



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