Benefits of Yoga for Children


Why do we do what we do? I think most of us can agree that each day, we engage in activities to make us feel HAPPY. But what happens when we don’t know how to be happy, or we need some help feeling good? Well… our children have the same feelings and needs… And spending time doing yoga is one way that can help you and your children find those “happy” feelings once again!

Benefits of Yoga:

“Yoga programs for kids encourage children to be children. Imitation of animals, nature and everyday objects, the basis of the physical aspect of a yoga practice, comes naturally to them. They get excited, calm down, play and dance. Yoga for kids encourages their natural abilities and interests, while helping them to develop strength, flexibility and an overall sense of well-being. Yoga for children also provides kids with tools they can use to get hold of their active lives and sometimes overactive minds. Yoga classes are also a way to explore social and emotional skills with children. By providing a safe, respectful and fun environment, children really open their hearts to themselves and to others.” (Taken from ChildLight Yoga Instructor Manual)

– Increased strength and flexibility

– Improved concentration and focus

– Greater awareness of their own and others’ feelings

– Improved balance, coordination and body awareness

– Boosted self-confidence and self-esteem

– Improved body image

– Improved sleeping

– Expanded creative expression and imagination

– Aided digestion

– Increased respect for self and others

– Improves attitudes- more patience, less reactive, more positive outlook

– Improved immune system function

– Environmental awareness

– Overall sense of well-being

To counteract stress, adults might choose to go for a run, have a massage, read a book, go for a long drive, etc. But what do children do with their stress? Where are their outlets? They have even fewer constructive mechanisms to cope with stress than we do. The good news is that yoga overrides the stress response, short-circuiting the fight or flight hormones. When we do yoga, we develop mental and physical focus, strength, balance, flexibility and overall health. When we are focused and balanced, everything else becomes easier- from concentrating and learning, to sleeping, to making better decisions and being less reactive. Yoga facilitates connection. We naturally become more connected to our inner self, opening our hearts and compassion for the environment, ourselves and others. (Taken from ChildLight Yoga Instructor Manual)

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