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New Year, New You


2016 has kicked off with a burst of energy!

I see changes happening all around me- friends rethinking their work goals, family going through big changes, and others working to reset old habits to make room for new ones. I am excited for this year. I have some goals (probably too many, but that’s a whole different story), and I feel very motivated to get sh*t done!

What I usually struggle with is maintaining that energy over a long period of time. But this year feels different. I will say that much. I am excited to be offering a bunch of new yoga classes for children AND adults… and I’ve been working with a good friend to put together new ideas for workshops for both children and adults, too.

It’s a really creative time right now.

One of my BIGGEST challenges is managing my business in a “business” way. I really want to learn more about running a small business, steps to take to gain a larger audience and proper ways to network successfully… on top of that I’d like to redesign this webpage.

Good thing it’s only January, right!?

Being a female entrepreneur is awesome… and there is SO MUCH energy in that area right now for women. I’m curious, what are some of your favorite blogs, websites, etc. that educate women on business management… or that are just super motivating for female entrepreneurs?

I’d LOVE to know… so please share!

Oh, and HAPPY 2016! May it be a year full of happiness, health, and love.

Love, Kasia

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