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Family Yoga Interview

Hello to all the families and readers out there! Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted last… mainly due to not having much to post about. I’ve been reminding myself lately of the quote by Plato, “A wise man speaks because he has something to say; a fool because he has to say something.” I’ve been gathering ideas of what to post about… and have a few topic ideas to share soon.

For now, what I’d like to do is share the Blog of a new friend, Sarah Chase. She is an incredible photographer in New Hampshire, and reached out to the community looking for a children’s yoga teacher to photograph and interview. A handful for friends passes my name along to Sarah… so long story short… here is the blog post on Sarah’s website

I have to admit, my son did not want to cooperate the day Sarah came to take photos… his cousin was visiting, and they just wanted to play. However, Sarah was very patient, and she encouraged us to just be natural… and she got some great photos out of the session, and everyone ended up having some fun!  Thank You Sarah!

I hope you enjoy the blog post and photos. If you have any questions about yoga with your children, don’t hesitate to email!

Click HERE for the blog and interview with Chase Photo NH.

B + H yoga


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