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Spring has Sprung!

hello springWow! Spring is finally here! For those of you who also live in the Northeast of the United States, you probably understand how EXCITING this is! It has been a fun, but very cold winter here for us… and as much fun as it was to build countless snowmen and learn to ski again with my son… it feels great to have the air be warm and the sun shining on our faces as we venture off on bike rides together again!

As the days warm up, I still find myself wanting to live at a slower pace. That is one of my favorite things about winter… going slower. We are almost forced to because the snow makes us drive slower, and the days get darker much earlier, so we hibernate. But now the days are getting lighter again, and it’s hard not to think of EVERYTHING we can do again: swim, grill outside, go camping, ride bikes, play outside, go on adventures, go to the ocean, listen to live music, etc. And it will be great to do many of these things again… but at a slower pace, or maybe with a slower mindset.

At the preschool where I work, the children’s energy levels have definitely increased over the past few weeks. It’s as if they have been craving springtime! They are ready to be outside, run and play… and I don’t blame them! One thing I also see is that the children are exhausted. All the fresh air they are enjoying once again really does tire them out. I know as parents, we want to spend the weekend doing fun things with our kids because we work all week and don’t get to do adventurous things with our children… but we must also keep in mind that slowing down, spending time at home, or time doing 1 or 2 activities during the day may be PLENTY, rather than racing around all weekend long. There are always the birthday parties to attend, and family to visit… we all have those things to do. But for what it’s worth, I challenge you to go slower. Do less. Because at the end of the day, it ends up feeling like more. My son is with his father every-other weekend, so I definitely have the urge to see as many friends as we can during the weekends when he’s home with me… but that doesn’t always fit with his personality or needs. He really enjoys being home, playing with his toys, and just doing things at a more relaxed pace. He will tell me, “I want to be home today”… rather than visiting friends or going for an adventure.

We all want to do so many things, because, well… life is to be enjoyed! Just remember, those little people by your side may not always want to do those things, and it’s OK (in my opinion) for them to voice that. Compromise, listen to each other, and find ways to really enjoy being together.

This spring and summer, I want to be present and enjoy the warmer weather. I  want to also show my son how to enjoy where he lives… and that it’s totally OK to stop and watch some bugs, because that’s what living and learning is all about. The school year is so packed with schedules and routines… I for one am looking forward to loosening the reins a bit.


How are you planning to spend your summer? What do you like to do with your children for simple adventures? I’d love to hear from you!

Also, check out the latest classes & workshops on my “Upcoming Classes” page! Thanks for reading!

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