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Envisioning the Future…

dreamToday I had the opportunity (and time) to visit with a good friend, who also lives down the road from me. Can I just say how incredibly lucky I feel to have such a rad friend (who is also a great Mama to her little ones) live so close by… especially considering that we live in a rural area! Whenever the two of us get together there are definitely some funny conversations (usually about what one of our children has said or done) …but we also, almost always, talk about our goals & dreams in life.  I love having a friend who shares in the delight of dreaming big and putting things into action. So, after going for a walk and hanging out together (child-free), I felt inspired to write and share some thoughts…

As the New Year draws closer, and the craze of the holidays has calmed down, I’ve been putting more thought into what the future holds.  I  love to create vision boards (a type of goal setting artistic map) whenever I am setting goals in life… and getting to see what evolves in pretty cool! My mother used to talk about creating vision boards to help focus on a particular thing coming to fruition in life, or to help set goals when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was in college when I tried this for the first time with a friend of mine. I loved it! Check out this brief explanation of what a vision board is here.

Anyway… back to what I was saying about dreams and the New Year. I have had a surplus of ideas flooding my mind over the past 3 months… my family and friends laugh now when I say “I have another idea”. With bucket loads of money, these ideas could all probably happen, however, that’s not the reality… and that is OKAY. Being on a budget forces me to focus on one idea at a time. The other dreams don’t have to vanish… they are still burning embers, ready to catch fire when the time is right. So, since the New Year is around the corner, I wanted to share ONE of my dreams with you as a way to put it out to the Universe and spark some momentum. I’d also love to hear your comments, and your own goals as well!

As you may or may not know, I started my own Yoga Company in 2011, named Growing With Yoga. I had completed my training with  ChildLight Yoga in early January of 2011 in Boston, MA, and was eager to teach children’s yoga on my own. I taught in preschools, yoga studios and in one high school from February-September 2011. Then I found out I was pregnant with my son, and his father and I decided to move to a different state, which meant that my teaching was put on hold during that transition. Fast forward some time … and I’ve now been a single mom for 3 years. My son is 3.5 years old, we have moved back to where my family lives, and I have had the awesome opportunity to work as an Assistant Teacher in a local Montessori preschool, as well as kick off teaching yoga again. Becoming a mother has shown me a lot about the way I want to live my life and what experiences I find valuable for my son. Working as a teacher at the Montessori preschool has also taught me a lot about children, and has opened my eyes to learning about different teaching and learning modalities.


So… here’s my dream/goal for 2015: TO ESTABLISH MY OWN YOGA & ART STUDIO SPACE! I hope to further my studies with Art Therapy and dive deeper into working with children and families. I feel there is such a need for children to learn through experiences- to touch, hold, create, and manipulate objects, and for the child to learn about their emotions through those experiences. There is also a need for creating a healthy relationship with our bodies, starting at a young age- learning how to move safely, freely, and openly… where no one will laugh at or judge you. It is my dream to create a space where children can create ART, and become artists in the process… and where they can dance and move to music, and learn to trust their bodies is a SUPER fun way!

Of course, there are logistics to figure out: location of this space, funding for rent/supplies, and some workshops to take to better my knowledge in Art, Art Therapy, and Yoga. There will always be steps to take… but those are achievable. What’s funny is that I was not a very artistic child- I liked craft projects, but my artwork at school was never displayed as “the best artwork”. What had led me to love art is the freedom of expression. I see so much value and richness in art with children. There’s a huge sense of pride when a child creates something, whether it’s a drawing done with crayons, or shaping something out of clay… a part of who they are went into making that. Art also allows for a story to be told… and combining that experience with yoga (another passion of mine) is something I hope the community I live in will appreciate and support!

Check out this amazing link all about Art Therapy…

Please comment and share some of your dreams & goals for 2015… or ideas about how to put your dreams into reality! Happy New Year!

~May you close 2014 with love and gratitude, and welcome 2015 with an open mind, positive outlook & passion in your heart.~


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