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Parents… You rock!

villageHow many of you out there are single parents?

How many of you are married, but feel like a single parent some, or most of the time?

How many of you are parenting equally with the other parent- meaning, you each take on about 50% of the “parenting” duties?

Well…. I honor ALL of you. Yes. All of you.

Parenting is not an easy job. Whether you are sharing the responsibilities as a parent with someone equally, or taking on most of them yourself- it can feel overwhelming some days. Babies staying awake all night, or toddlers waking up every few hours when they are sick. Children fighting you about bedtime and not wanting to brush their teeth. The mornings when you’ve literally been awake for 60 minutes and already you want everyone to go back to sleep.

Yep. We have ALL been there. We all know that instead of yelling, you are quietly talking to yourself, taking deep breaths, and reminding yourself that it is most important to stay calm. We all know how hard it is to be mindful and patient when you, yourself, may be feeling tired and cranky. (Click HERE to visit an amazing website about Mindful Parenting).

You are doing a wonderful job though. Truly.

Don’t let a tough day make you feel like you are any less as a parent. You are wonderful!

Allow yourself to exude GRATITUDE for ALL that YOU are! Peel away the layers of disappointment and guilt. They won’t take you anywhere. Those feelings will leave you stuck in yesterday…. there is no time for that!

Start fresh. Stay present. That is where all the magic is happening.

And remember, there are so many ways to connect with parents locally and world-wide. If you notice someone who may need a little extra “boost” as they navigate their parenting journey, reach out to them. Compliment them on something positive. Invite them to try something new with you. Host a play date. Sometimes all someone needs is to feel connected and supported.

Click here to check out the book written by Pilar Placone Ph.D. entitled,  Mindful Parent Happy Child: A Guide To Raising Joyful and Resilient Children.

mindful book





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