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It’s Yoga Time!

I’m so thrilled to be writing my very FIRST blog post… and even more thrilled that someone may be reading this out there! In all honestly though, I have been dreaming of creating a blog for the better part of two years now… however, time can be limited while raising a child, especially a very active one! Even now, I am sitting here watching my son get himself dressed, laughing to myself about how time truly changes everything. I remember the days when him getting his socks on was such an accomplishment, and how now, at 3.5 years old, he can get himself completely dressed. And also how at the time of him learning to get his socks on, I couldn’t imagine having enough energy to write a blog… and just a few years later, here I am!

The purpose of this blog will be MANY things. I am a dreamer and my mind is full of ideas… I am also a Children’s Yoga Teacher, Montessori Preschool Teacher, Single Mother and am wildly passionate about cooking healthy, whole foods for my family. My hope is that this blog will serve to educate others about the benefits of yoga for children, as well as provide tips and resources about Mindful Parenting, especially living in today’s overscheduled society. I will also have information about current yoga classes I am teaching and Mindfulness programs I am creating, as well as links to my other social media outlets: Facebook and twitter.

I am very excited to share my passions in life with all of you, and I encourage you to respond, comment, and contact me about ideas, experience, etc. This is an opportunity to connect, learn & “grow with yoga” together!

Much love and gratitude, Kasia ~

On the swings with my son: Summer 2014

On the swings with my son: Summer 2014



    • Thank you SoohiaVictoria! I will be getting my blog more organized and updated over the next few weeks… I hope you’ll continue to read it… And I look oreads to checking your blog out as well!


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